Online Portfolio

Today I created my very own online portfolio and the website it has been created on is called format. I added several images of my work I created previously in my spare time as 3d graphics has a big impact on my life. The main too studies I enjouy is 3D graphics and film making. PC DOOR funsuhedSphere studio photoshoot balls

Here are the three images I have inserted in to my new online port folio. The first one consists of 3 dimensional text with a door attached to it. I created this in cinema 4D back in 2013 when I was experimenting with different techniques and tools on cinema 4D.

The second image consists of three snooker spheres which look as if they are in a photo studio by looking at the reflection on them. This was created by making the surroundings out of ‘planes’ and adding illumination on them so they can be reflected off each ball. This was also created in Cinema 4D and photoshop and so is the next image.

The third image is a 2D image of Manchester but I made it look 3D by duplicating the image on two different planes, on at the bottom for the floor and one at a 45 degree angle. The image has been captured from the video I made which consists of several balls falling from the sky and crashing on to the wet floor, to then all roll away in different ways in the surrounding to give it more of a dynamic look.


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