Online Portfolio research

After researching in to different kind of online portfolios I have found a varied amount of portfolios I like.

Tim Lahank,

Tim Lahan’s portfolio is random yet interesting. It has several different images of his work which include GIF’s and also still images. Most of his work seems to have been created on programmes such as Photoshop, which seems to be his main interest. This also relates to my personality and interest and I also enjoy creating images digitally and I will be working my online portfolio towards this kind of technique.

Stereo Creative

Stereo Creative’s portfoliojg on the other hand involved more photography with captions placed over the top, more of an advertisement portfolilo. This particular screen shot of the website  shows an advertisement for the highly rated film/TV series ‘This is England ’86’. I like this kind of work because it takes a lot more time planning photography shoots to then also editing  the images afterwards. The difference between the two of the portfolio’s vary greatly. Each creator can be stronger in different subjects, for example, Tim Lahan may be better at graphic  work than Stereo Creative, whereas Stereo Creative could be better at photography and advertisement skills. Both of the portfolios are creative and unique in different ways, it’s just down  to personal preference and what the audience would want to see.


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