Adobe After Effects green screen

In last weeks session with Deborah, we created a green screen effect on adobe after effects. We had a 3D modelled background and a video of two people talking, our task was to edit the green screen behind them and place the outcome over the top of the background layer to make it look like a realistic setting. I feel like I did the best I could with the settings, although if one thing I would do in future green screen editing is having a better quality video with more pixels, so the colour keying would look more realistic. I have placed the outcome below:green screen snapshot


My creative process

Initially, I have many different processes before I start my work. I look at several other types of work related to my brief, including other students work to get an inside and guidelines on what I should be doing, if I do not understand the brief 100%.

Having a pen and paper in front of me whilst researching the topic helps me out a great deal, as I can note down any important information. Printing out documents online then highlighting the most important words/phrases/sentences helps me to process information, but I can also go back on the notes.

Reading the brief is essential, if one thing is missed out, the piece of work may be failed. To overcoming this I print out the module guide and highlight words that will help me produce the document. This ensures I will not miss anything out and lose marks throughout the module.