Job roles within the industry

After I have graduated, I would like to have a job within the role of being a camera operator for films. This job consists of preparing and operating a camera professionally, working with the director and director of photography to achieve the visual style of film and managing other camera department staff and communicating with actors.

I feel that this would be the right job for me as a career as I think I will have all the industry standard experience from my degree, to take in to the job world. The role is right for me because it consists of having artistic ability, paying attention to precise detail, providing creative input and being diplomatic and sensitive with working with artists and crew. This is something I have already achieved first hand in the Cedric Peters Nusic session shoot.


Cedric Peters Nusic session shoot – 26/11/14

As part of our time studying at Confetti with Paul Wallis, we were assigned to attend an assessed shoot for Nusic. I was in a group with Alec, Natasha and Conall and we had a solo artist called Cedric Peters, who has unbelievable talent. I was given the role of the Pan Left camera using a Sony FS100, which consisted of getting close ups, extreme close ups and medium shots. I feel that I was successful in this role and enjoyed it very much. The session ran very smoothly throughout with no major difficulties. Although we had one less student who attended, I believe we worked extremely well as a team to set all the equipment up as fast as possible. After this industry experience, I think that I could pursue this role as a career in the near future.