Ident inspiration

As part of the project, a brand was needed to be created which included logos and idents. The final ident was inspired from the logo which was designed by our team, so they both related in some way. The ident consists of three 3D blocks flying in to the screen which say ‘NVA – National Video game Arcade’. The three blocks were created in cinema 4D, resembling vintage building blocks, using modern technology to aim towards a wide range of audiences, young-old. After posting several different idents on to our Facebook page names ‘Team Sonic’, constructive feedback was given to create improvements.

Research other gaming idents played a big part in to designing and creating the intro. Things such as colours were taken in to consideration, making it look vintage. Red, tallow and green was used for the building blocks, and a retro font was also used.


National Videogame Arcade Ident

I have finally finished and rendered the final ident for the video after long hard work, consisting of rendering the video three separate times to come to a final decision after feedback from teammates. It consists of three building blocks, inspired by our logo where they fly in and come together. I will be uploading the ident to my portfolio and Vimeo to add to my collection of my best produced work. Overall, the ident took a week to produce after different changes to get the best and final NVA intro.

My roles

We all have different roles within our group so we can use our individual talents to create the best National Video game Arcade brand as well as we possibly can. My roles consist of creating an intro ident and an outro for the video, editor along side Louis, and a skateboarding part in one of the scenes. So far, I have started creating the ident from our final chosen logo which was produced by Charlie, who specializes in Photoshop, who is in the second year of Media Creatives. Yesterday I went out filming do act my part in the short promotional video. Everything went well, although if I could do it again, I would shoot on a more dry day to prevent any skateboarding injuries.

Contacting ‘Team Sonic’

With modern technology, contacting each other is extremely simple. We created a whatsapp message group where all our numbers are put in to one group, so we can all text each other. We also created a Facebook group page and called it ‘Team Sonic’ so all of us could post our work and get feedback from one another. Both of these methods of contacting each other also includes arranging meetings in our self directed study timetable. We have been contacting each other every day since the Game City lecture at the start of the term 2.

Team sonic – Introduction

We have been assigned to produce a promotional video, brand, and social media for Game Cities new event National Video game Arcade. We have been split in to two groups with the second years, the other being ‘Team Mario’ which we will be up against at Broadway Cinema presenting our work, in an ‘The Apprentice’ style. The way we are going to work together for this project is splitting up the roles for everyone to do individually, but working as a team to make everything run smoothly. Each and every one of us will be using our unique talents to create the final outcome as best as we can.