The QMC editing process

11As I was responsible for the edit for the Queens Medical Centre edit, I was in charge of all of the post production. This included organising all of the footage and photos, alongside the editing of the video. To make this process well organised, I created several different folders within a folder to help me determine what was what. An example of this is splitting three diffe rent files up for the three cameras we used, I knew what footage was from what specific camera.

For the edit, I used Sony Vegas Pro 10 which is my personal favourite as I have the experience using it. I would have preferred to use Avid Media Composer to make it more professional, using software that is used in the industry, but I wasn’t able to get access of the programme easily. I kept the timeline to a minimum, deleting unnecessary tracks as I went along, to keep the footage well organised to avoid confusion.


It was important to choose the right music for the video, happy and uplifting tracks to keep the audience interested. I researched in to different videos that are related, to have an insight on what kind of music is used. I went on several royalty free websites for un-copyrighted music.

HSL Adjust, colour curves and sharpening were the three major video effects I used, to make the shots look more saturated and less bland. As you can see on the before and after screenshots, I feel that I succeeded to accomplish this.3344

The only major issue I had during the post production process is my slow laptop. This caused a lot of problems for me, such as the computer closing down randomly when rendering, and being slow during the editing. To overcome this I had to be patient and accepting of the type of computer I was using for such big files, which caused the laptop to respond in a slow way.


NTU Education Department placement shoot 1 – Queens Medical Centre

On the brief that we were given by Steven Wheelhouse (educational department), there are several videos that could potentially be made by our group to promote/make people aware of the NTU Educational department. The first one we were assigned to do was for placements, in which me, Josh and Karl went to the QMC (Queens Medical Centre) to interview three students doing their 6 week placements there. We also interviewed two members of staff that help out the students who are on the placement, they explained how a day in the life of the QMC can be and how it effects the placements in different ways, positively and negatively. The questions we had to ask were all set by Steven as he had an idea of how he wanted the video to look, but to use our creativity to make something spectacular.

I feel that the shoot went well and we got enough footage to play around with in the editing. I have researched different videos relating to ours to get inspiration on how I can edit ours to make it look professional, eye catching and entertaining at the same time.

Equipment used during shoot 1:

Canon 550d

Canon 600d

Panasonic AG-HMC 151

Rode NTG-2 Shotgun Mic 3