Critical Incident during my placement – Reflective Practise

One incident I came across during the editing stage of the Queens Medical Centre video was the poor quality of the video due to using three different cameras on the shoot. This was due to lack of knowledge which could have been avoided if I carried out research and asked for professional advice which is available from tutors and lecturers who have worked in the industry. Due to the different quality in cameras, the footage from only one camera was used in the edit.

Another problem was lack of availability of cameras so we were unable to get three of the same cameras to prevent the incident. To stop this from happening, booking equipment weeks in advance will ensure I can get the right equipment for the shoot. Lack of experience made this situation occur but is something I can stop happening in the future. Being in control of my role is very important as in the industry, if you were to do something that is major, there is a high possibility of getting sacked and getting a bad reputation.

For the second video we made, I ensured we got two of the same cameras for the interview at Cantrell Primary School. We used Canon 6D’s which worked incredibly well and the editing process was a lot quicker, which saves a lot of time. 


Second interview complete 

After the Cantrell primary school interview with Siobhan, I have completed the edit for the whole interview, including cut always and sound correction. I’m awaiting to recieve the footage from the first interview from Josh which I will get tomorrow when we have a meeting to discuss further future videos.

Cantrell Primary School editing process 

As both of the cameras that we used were placed in different positions, the window light looked different on each, giving camera one an over exposed look. The issue with this is when it comes to switching between the two shots on the edit, they will look odd due to the colours and exposure being at different settings. Using my post production skills I was able to correct the over exposed shot from camera one, making it look more appealing. I will be continuing the edit throughout the week and once done, I will put both of the videos we have made together, making it one large video to show Steven Wheelhouse. Here are before and after images from the edit.

Cantrell Primary School shoot

For the second video, we were assigned to create another placement video for Cantrell primary school. I was a camera operator alongside josh who was also conducting the same roll as me.

We interviewed an NTU student who is on placement as a teacher assistant. The shoot went very well with minor problems, one being the appature on the cameras correct, which was sorted instantly. 

We had a nice anount of space within the schools library to film. Phill also came along to present his interviewing skills which worked perfectly. We filmed the interview in just one shoot! 

We got given visitor badges and at this point I had to take a picture – I felt very important. It reminded me of when I was in school and saw visitors, I thought they were VIP adults. 

Like the Queens Medical Centre edit, I will also be editing this video on Sony Vegas, in a similar style after getting a little feedback from Phil in my latest seminar. The positivity within the video will hopefully engage the audiences in which the video will be shown to.

We used two cameras on this shoot which worked really well, with two rode cameras on top of them. We used Canon 6Ds which are my personal favourite and produced amazing quality making it look more professional.