Critical Incident during my placement – Reflective Practise

One incident I came across during the editing stage of the Queens Medical Centre video was the poor quality of the video due to using three different cameras on the shoot. This was due to lack of knowledge which could have been avoided if I carried out research and asked for professional advice which is available from tutors and lecturers who have worked in the industry. Due to the different quality in cameras, the footage from only one camera was used in the edit.

Another problem was lack of availability of cameras so we were unable to get three of the same cameras to prevent the incident. To stop this from happening, booking equipment weeks in advance will ensure I can get the right equipment for the shoot. Lack of experience made this situation occur but is something I can stop happening in the future. Being in control of my role is very important as in the industry, if you were to do something that is major, there is a high possibility of getting sacked and getting a bad reputation.

For the second video we made, I ensured we got two of the same cameras for the interview at Cantrell Primary School. We used Canon 6D’s which worked incredibly well and the editing process was a lot quicker, which saves a lot of time. 


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