Practitioner – Camera operating/Cinematography

Breaking Bad (2008) PosterBreaking bad is my favorite series of all time, the story line, characters and camera work drew immediate attention to me. It’s hard to pick out a specific practitioner I aspire to be like as cinematography within big productions is down to all of the camera crew, directors and producers combining as a team to make the outlook look perfect. Michael Slovis was born in New York and was the main cinematographer for AMC’s breaking bad, making 30 episodes overall from 2009-2013. He’s also a director and worked for shows such as ‘CSI – Crime Scene Investigation’ from 2005-2007 and ‘Ed’ in 2000.

Here’s one of my favorite scenes in the series ‘Breaking bad’. A touching conversation turned in to suspense using different camera shots, one main shot that strikes me is the final shot of the female (Skyler), showing her emotions.