Research: Conceptual.

My research process for my placement consisted of going out and doing practice shoots to get used to all of the equipment and interview environments. We all interviewed each other (in our small group of three) to gain confidence asking questions in an interview style. This also enabled me to get to know how we worked in a group together. It gave me experience with the equipment we were going to be using on the shoot at Queens Medical Center, Cantrell Primary School and NGY. Working for the NTU Educational Department, I researched production companies related to the university, the main company being VPoint TV. This small Nottingham based company has created a lot of videos for Nottingham Trent and also created a placement video similar to the ones that was assigned by us by Steven Wheelhouse.

Before shooting at the Queens Medical Centre, I conducted several different types of research, including a shot list, shoot schedule, patient confidentiality, how to interview professionally and a risk assessment for the children’s ward. This researched enabled me to have an insight of the place we were interviewing, and to help conduct a negotiated project report which is due in on the21st May.


                                                Queens Medical Centre shoot schedule

I conducted parent confidentiality research to enable me to stay professional within the workplace. Knowing the ‘Data Protection Act 1998’ made me aware of what not to ask about the patients during the interviews in the Queens Medical Centre.


                                        Parent confidentiality within hospitals – research


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