What is my practice?

Over the past several months since September, I have worked and developed my practice through university experience (especially my placement). Camera operating for film making is my most strong practice and the one I most enjoy as I feel that a can embrace my personality through different camera techniques. During my placement (that is still on going,) my camera operating job role including setting up varieties of different equipment, sound engineering, taking several different shots, adjusting the camera settings such as white balance and aperture, also I had to work in a team.

To develop my creative practice even further, I would have to:

  • Identify and solve problems.
  • If problems occur it is very important to solve the problems professionally, using your creative skills to overcome the issue.
  • Explore, develop and communicate new ideas, skills, knowledge and understandings.
  • If there is a brilliant idea you have come up with, it is important to communicate with colleagues to come up with spectacular new ideas and develop them further.
  • Reflect on learning.
  • Writing a journal could help reflect on learning.
  • Work independently and in teams.
  • Working in teams is something that should come naturally to you in the industry. Building team work and independent skills during university can help prepare for the future.
  • Take risks.
  • If you play it safe then your creative skills may not be shown to the best of your ability.

More about the camera operator job role can be found here:


Clifton – Nottingham Trent University


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