Placement Progress – NGY

The previous shoot that we took park in was at Nottingham Youth, based in Nottingham city centre. We conducted three different interviews, two of them students two weeks in to their placement, and the other interviewee was the Volunteer Coordinator. As I have gained a lot of experience from the placement so far, I decided to step forward and book out a radio microphone with worked really well and the overall outcome of the sound was clear and professional. The cameras used were two Canon 6D’s as they have brilliant quality video recording and are easy to set up. White balance, IOS settings are easy to control on the 6D interface.

We made the students feel comfortable whilst being interviewed by personally asking them questions. I felt that because we were students interviewing them and around the same age, they instantly felt more comfortable in front of the camera. However, only a short clip could be used from the Coordinators interview as she seemed to have felt very nervous. We could have interviewed her again which may have given us better results but we were under a tight time schedule as the NGY team had to get back to work.

I have been using Sony Vegas Pro to edit this placement video, the same as the rest of the videos I have edited for the placement, this is because I am comfortable with the program and have been using it for many years. However, I would have liked to have used Avid Media Composer to be more professional but there is a lack of access. Colour curves were simple on this edit due to our lighting set up and interviewing area choice, this made editing run more smoothly as there were hardly any corrections that had to be made, which was something we had learnt from the previous shoots.

I am overall happy with the shoot and editing and will continue to use the same techniques in the upcoming shoots. I’ve learnt that picking the right places to film, taking light in to consideration and using high tech equipment will give us great results.

                            Sony Vegas editing progress

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