Placement progress – Clifton shoot

As part of my placement, me and my group partner shot a series of interviews with students after their placement experience. We interviewed 5 different students who had placement locally and even in Africa, which really brought the footage to a whole new level in which the video will have a better outcome towards the target audience, future NTU students.  The shoot went well with minor hiccups as our skills have got a lot more stronger over the last couple of months of placement.  I’m now editing the video together and it is running smoothly. We used two cameras and one rode microphone on the shoot, we ensured that we set up the equipment perfectly so the shoot would go well with no difficulties.  After more feedback from Steve (our client) I have now got a further task of editing all the footage from every shoot in to one 5 minute video, which will seem to be quite difficult knowing that there is a lot of great footage from each video that can be used. To overcome this and to keep the final video short and snappy, I will take every best clips from the interviews and make a powerful, enthusiastic video to enable it to really engage with the target audience.                                            Behind the scenes of the shoot – Two students being interviewed 


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