Job Roles and Responsibilities – Nicola Monaghan Interview.

As a group we are able to build our individual and team working skills within university. We agreed on several roles to allow our interview to be professional and engaging.

Andrew – Andrews role was to direct and take control of the sound within the interview. This was making sure everyone sticks to their roles for the entire interview. A problem arose during the interview which affected the sound but we overcome this by asking the question again to Nicola. The sound quality came out great during post productions and no problems occurred.

Emily – Emily’s roles were to set up the lighting and interview Nicola. We decided this as a group because she has a past experience of lighting and public speaking which has given her a confident outlook towards speaking to people. This worked well for us as Emily explained the questions well and we got a great response.The lighting didn’t turn out perfectly which is our fault as a group, as I have an experience with post production, I was able to correct this to make it look more professional.

Adam – My roles were to operate the camera and to edit the footage. I feel that the camera operating ran smoothly with no complications. As we only had one camera (which was reasonable for the style of video we wanted) I changed shots whilst the questions were still being asked, so each answer would visually look different. Transitions and colour corrections with short and snappy shots has made the video engaging for the audience. I will also be creating crowdfunding material such as posters. I have a large responsibility within the project but I feel this will benefit me during my studies.

Post - production                                                                                Post – Production screenshot

Alick – Alick’s role was to research un-copyrighted sounds for the video. He found several potential music tracks that would go well with the style of video. We all agreed on a track called ‘Wallpaper’ which is up-beat but not overpowering. The track fits in perfectly with the video as it gives it a positive feel and keeps the audience more interested.

Nicola Monaghan – Interview.

Me and my small group came together and got several questions together to ask Nicola, ahead of the interview. We had 7 questions in mind to ask her, more than enough to cut out any unwanted footage during the post production.

The questions we asked Nicola are as follows:

Whats the plot of the film that you want to be developed?

What inspired you to write?

What encouraged you to create the second movie?

How much money are you wanting for this project and what are the benefits and rewards for the people that donate?

A lot of you books and your short film is hard hitting and real, what do you think interests people to this kind of writing?

What’s been your biggest achievement so far in your career?

What advice would you give to an up and coming novelist/writer or anyone who wants to follow your area of work?

Crowdfunding – Nicola Monaghan

As part of our crowdfunding task, we were assigned to interview Nicola Monaghan to create a short video to interract with the audience to make them aware of who she is and what she wants from them to go ahead and create her film from one of her recent scripts.

Nicola is an English novelist and author, most known for her ‘The Killing Jar’ and ‘Sarfishing’. Her second novel Starfishing is set in the city of London, where she was encouraged to write about by her lit teacher whilst studing her maths degree back in university. Some of her next published writing was showed in the Futures and Options World Magazine.

I’m still proud of our record of extremely cheesy puns, based around the words ‘future’, ‘options’ and ‘LIFFE’”.

Careerhighlights have included interviewing my heroes Chuck Palahniuk and Irvine Welsh, at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema and Media Centre. Her first published work was in the Nottingam Evening post in 1986 where she was on work experience. They cut the original artical from 500 words to 50, which taught her a valuabe lesson to this date. Monaghan also worked abroad which included working in the World Trade Centre back in 2001.

Appearing on the Alan Tischmarsh show was another acheivment she has had in her career, the following passage is from her personal website;

“I appeared on the pilot of the Alan Titchmarsh show and told the audience about a childhood experience where a young lad was set on fire in the street outside my mamma’s* house. They decided not to go with a Books feature after that”.


Rock City – Dot to Dot music festival – Research.

dot to dotAs part of my resarch for a specific event held at Rock City, The dot to dot music festival has a particular impressive past in terms of reviews from the UK’s festival awards. Upcoming talent are set to take the stage to embark on an experince which will engage the target audience in to new up and coming talent. This passage is from the Rock City Nottingham’s main website:
“Winner of ‘Best Metropolitan Festival 2013’ at the UK Festival Awards, Dot To Dot Festival is established as the UKs premier festival for unearthing the hottest new talent around, alongside established acts from all over the globe. 2015 marks the festival’s 10th year and will see it returning to Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham from the 22nd to 24th May. Dot To Dot’s ever eclectic line-up is set to make this landmark year one of the biggest and best in the festival’s history. – See more at:”
On the site they use a wide range of convergent media to enable the audience to connect with the specific event and to get more information about what the festival is about. Many links are used witin the post on the Rock City website such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter.
d2d screenshot 1 Figure 1
Rock City made a side account for the specific event that they are holding, as shown in ‘Figure 1’. This twitter account tells the audience all about the event and when it is held. They also regularly post tweets to keep the target audience updated about the festival.
They also do giveaways to engage people and to keep them entertained. The use of hash tags enables them to tweet to a wider audience across the world – When people type in a certain word in to the search box, the tweet will appear, in this case, the album name ‘Restless by Louis Berry.


Media Creatives – Module MMPR20041.

Within the next year at Nottingham Trent University, I have a lot of aspirations to achieve. We have been assigned our brief for the next 10 weeks, which consists of studying at NCN (New College Nottingham) creating professional pieces of work within the radio sector of the media industry, creating pod-casts to show what Nottingham has to offer. This will involve independent work which involves creating a 10 minute podcast, to then put together in to an overall 40 minute podcast working in a team of other students on the course.

We have also been assigned to explore trends in convergent digital media and how the use of digital and network technology is being used to facilitate the entertainments industry in Nottingham, in a 2000 word report format. This will also include how current technology helps a range of attractions, events or activities more accessible to the modern audience. For this module I will be selecting many clubs around Nottingham and explore the ways in which they use media to promote student nights around the city.