Crowdfunding – Nicola Monaghan

As part of our crowdfunding task, we were assigned to interview Nicola Monaghan to create a short video to interract with the audience to make them aware of who she is and what she wants from them to go ahead and create her film from one of her recent scripts.

Nicola is an English novelist and author, most known for her ‘The Killing Jar’ and ‘Sarfishing’. Her second novel Starfishing is set in the city of London, where she was encouraged to write about by her lit teacher whilst studing her maths degree back in university. Some of her next published writing was showed in the Futures and Options World Magazine.

I’m still proud of our record of extremely cheesy puns, based around the words ‘future’, ‘options’ and ‘LIFFE’”.

Careerhighlights have included interviewing my heroes Chuck Palahniuk and Irvine Welsh, at Nottingham’s Broadway Cinema and Media Centre. Her first published work was in the Nottingam Evening post in 1986 where she was on work experience. They cut the original artical from 500 words to 50, which taught her a valuabe lesson to this date. Monaghan also worked abroad which included working in the World Trade Centre back in 2001.

Appearing on the Alan Tischmarsh show was another acheivment she has had in her career, the following passage is from her personal website;

“I appeared on the pilot of the Alan Titchmarsh show and told the audience about a childhood experience where a young lad was set on fire in the street outside my mamma’s* house. They decided not to go with a Books feature after that”.



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