Rock City – Dot to Dot music festival – Research.

dot to dotAs part of my resarch for a specific event held at Rock City, The dot to dot music festival has a particular impressive past in terms of reviews from the UK’s festival awards. Upcoming talent are set to take the stage to embark on an experince which will engage the target audience in to new up and coming talent. This passage is from the Rock City Nottingham’s main website:
“Winner of ‘Best Metropolitan Festival 2013’ at the UK Festival Awards, Dot To Dot Festival is established as the UKs premier festival for unearthing the hottest new talent around, alongside established acts from all over the globe. 2015 marks the festival’s 10th year and will see it returning to Manchester, Bristol and Nottingham from the 22nd to 24th May. Dot To Dot’s ever eclectic line-up is set to make this landmark year one of the biggest and best in the festival’s history. – See more at:”
On the site they use a wide range of convergent media to enable the audience to connect with the specific event and to get more information about what the festival is about. Many links are used witin the post on the Rock City website such as Instagram, Facebook and twitter.
d2d screenshot 1 Figure 1
Rock City made a side account for the specific event that they are holding, as shown in ‘Figure 1’. This twitter account tells the audience all about the event and when it is held. They also regularly post tweets to keep the target audience updated about the festival.
They also do giveaways to engage people and to keep them entertained. The use of hash tags enables them to tweet to a wider audience across the world – When people type in a certain word in to the search box, the tweet will appear, in this case, the album name ‘Restless by Louis Berry.



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