Job Roles and Responsibilities – Nicola Monaghan Interview.

As a group we are able to build our individual and team working skills within university. We agreed on several roles to allow our interview to be professional and engaging.

Andrew – Andrews role was to direct and take control of the sound within the interview. This was making sure everyone sticks to their roles for the entire interview. A problem arose during the interview which affected the sound but we overcome this by asking the question again to Nicola. The sound quality came out great during post productions and no problems occurred.

Emily – Emily’s roles were to set up the lighting and interview Nicola. We decided this as a group because she has a past experience of lighting and public speaking which has given her a confident outlook towards speaking to people. This worked well for us as Emily explained the questions well and we got a great response.The lighting didn’t turn out perfectly which is our fault as a group, as I have an experience with post production, I was able to correct this to make it look more professional.

Adam – My roles were to operate the camera and to edit the footage. I feel that the camera operating ran smoothly with no complications. As we only had one camera (which was reasonable for the style of video we wanted) I changed shots whilst the questions were still being asked, so each answer would visually look different. Transitions and colour corrections with short and snappy shots has made the video engaging for the audience. I will also be creating crowdfunding material such as posters. I have a large responsibility within the project but I feel this will benefit me during my studies.

Post - production                                                                                Post – Production screenshot

Alick – Alick’s role was to research un-copyrighted sounds for the video. He found several potential music tracks that would go well with the style of video. We all agreed on a track called ‘Wallpaper’ which is up-beat but not overpowering. The track fits in perfectly with the video as it gives it a positive feel and keeps the audience more interested.


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