Crowdfunding Material – Poster

all calls are recorded posterAs part of the crowdfunding material that we will be presenting as a group, aside from camera operating and editing, I have created a poster for the short film she wants to make. Using Adobe Photoshop I used an image from the footage that was shot for takeaways on the crowdfunding video. I went for black and white as the story is dark and the character finds the job miserable, I find that the colour plays a big part in the storytelling.


Nicola Monaghan – Crowdfunding Video Edit Second draft.

For the second edit, I am editing the video in Adobe Premiere pro rather than Sony Vegas due to the fact it looks more professional and is more diverse. One thing I have noticed is that Premier has a better range of colour correctors, allowing me to achieve the look that I want. As the back light was weak in the shoot, I have tweaked the colours to make the video look professionally edited. An adjustment layer over the top of my timeline allows me to place all the effects on to it, making the changes to the whole video, throughout. This is something that can’t be done on Sony Vegas and as I’m progressing my skills on Premier, I am feeling more comfortable and professional using the program.

After my radio module, I am more aware of how important sound is within video and radio. The levels are much easier to adjust which has improved the sound of the video, mainly being Nicolas voice sounding more crisp.

Video edit in progress.

New College: Podcast Reflective Thinking.


During pre-production I conducted  research related to the club Ocean, situated in Nottingham. The research that I carried out included history and facts and figures about the club, also what their target audience is. I created a script to follow during the recording of the podcast, it wasn’t to read from word for word, but bullet points for me to cover during the podcast.As I am aware of my pre-productuction process (from previous assignments during and outside university hours), it was quick for me to research the right topics for my interviews and overall podcast.


The interviews went particually well, covering all the topics that I had researched during pre-production. I feel the interviews flowed well, making the interviewees feel comfortable throughout to get the best interview out of them. The questions I had planned to ask were all said, including more questions during the conversation styled interviews. For example, one of the interviewees is a close friend of mine and it was easy to make a friendly, comfortable conversation. One thing I would change is the second interview that I conducted. I would interview Abbie again as the conversation wasn’t as great as the first. It didn’t change the podcast too much as she was a back-up interview so it still sounds professional. I will be arranging another date and time with her to interview again within the next week.

Post Production:

Watching Adobe Autition tutorials on Youtube helped a lot during the Post-Production process.  I watched educational videos on how sound correct audio clips for radio podcasts, also how to make a hard-hitting introduction. Once I had edited all of my radio show together, I asked several peers to listen and give me adivce. This was taken on board and a couple of changes were made, such as adding more backing tracks to make it more relatable when talking about the genres that are played in the Ocean nightclub. As I am a fond and experienced editor, Adobe Audition wasn’t a hard software to use for me. From previous experience, I am aware that sound is very important within video and radio so adjusting the levels made a positive impact. I had some issues with mixcloud to upload my podcast on as they only allow cfiles that are over 12MB, so instead I uploaded it to Soundcloud which worked well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.30.16.png

Adobe Audition editing process

Life in Nottingham – Short Film.

Today is the first shoot of my upcoming external project, a short film about life in Nottingham. The short will be creative and show a glimpse at what life is like for a student or resident in the Nottingham City Centre. A creative yet promotional video for the city, I intend to send off the video to several companies in the Creative Quarter in the Lace market, to hopefully get credit for my personal work.

Filming will take place in the afternoon and will be shot on a Sony HXR-NX3 camera, personally my favourite camcorder up to date. Due to the short days in winter, all shots may not be complete in one days shoot, so another filming day will be organised as a back up.

New College: Podcast Script Plan.

Student life script plan

Introduction to the podcast

Hit the ground running with engaging audio and an introduction to what the podcast is about.

  1. Let off only small parts of the story at a time.
  2. Clever use of timing to create images for the listener.


I will be conducting several interviews with students within my podcast about student life in Nottingham as a whole. The main subject will be the nightclub Ocean – one of Nottingham’s leading student nights.

Questions to answer myself in separate clips:

What is Ocean Wednesdays biggest competition?


Because Ocean has been the same for several years, including the play list, people know what to expect when they arrive there. The ending to Baywatch never seizes to catch people off guard, their shirts are already off and swinging around their heads even before the song even comes on.

Now in it’s 13th year as Nottingham’s


The Big O as we like to call it….is proud of what it does.

Unashamedly non-pretentious, our musical tastes cover just about every possible popular genre you could mention.

If it’s Pop you’re after you can expect to have your ears pleasured by the likes of….

One Direction…Carly Rae Jepsen…Katy Perry…etc

If it’s Dance you can expect to shake your ass to…

Calvin Harris….David Guetta…Avicci

If you like your Dance a little harder there’s always….

Disclosure…Rudimental…Pendulum…Chase & Status

Fancy some R&B….

We always got room for Rihanna…Beyonce…Jay Z etc

For all you Indie kids….

Bastille…Mumford…Kings of Leon….The Killers

And finally for all you Cheese heads….

The obligatory Baywatch…sing-along to Journey…

And more.

There is literally something for everyone….every night!


What were those great moments of clarity? Exciting incidents and break through moments that lead to the person making a final push to where they are now?

Every Wednesday there are two main clubs to visit for students, one being ocean and the other Cocotang. It all depends on what the student is feeling. Cocotang is a smart student night where you find lads in shirts and shoes and the girls all glammed up with lots of make up and fancy dresses. Recently, they have changed the dress code on a Wednesday in Cocotang to a more casual look, which I think will put off students and give less competition to Ocean – not that there is any anyway as it sells out every week.


How did things come together what was it like to experience success?

In June the official University of Nottingham Magazine ‘Impact’ ran a poll amongst it’s students to find out their favourite Venues, Nights Out etc.

We did fairly well.

Ocean was voted “Best Nightclub” as well as “Best Overall Night Out”…winning over 50% of the entire vote in both cases…..

I think in politics they call that a ‘LANDSLIDE VICTORY!!’ don’t you think?

Interview with students – Questions:

  1. Introduce the podcast.
  2. Who is the person I am interviewing and what do they do? I’m ‘name’ and I study at Nottingham Trent University’.
  3. Because ocean has been the same for several years, what do you think keeps it going and what is most popular about the club? Aka bar crawl, fancy dress and Baywatch.
  4. Why would you choose ocean over any other club on Wednesdays?
  5. What makes Ocean stand out?
  6. Do you think that the change of dress code on a Wednesday at Cocotang will create less competition for Ocean on Wednesdays and why?
  7. What would you change about Ocean?


Reflective Practice -Film Making and Post Production.

As I’m progressively moving forward with my ambition, film making and post production, I will be creating several shorts throughout the next two years in my spare time to add to my on-going portfolio.

What’s changed since I came to university?

Using hand held camcorders and editing software that is rarely used in the media industry, I conducted amateur videos throughout school and college. I now have a strong understanding of professionalism within the media industry. I now use advanced camcorders that are used in the industry and editing software such as Premier Pro and Avid Media Composer.

What’s the plan in the next couple of weeks?

I will be conducting two videos called ‘Life in Nottingham’ and ‘Birmingham Christmas markets.’ Today I will start shooting in Nottingham, filming what goes on and the general public around market square. The second video will be shot on the 27th November in Birmingham, with the same style of the ‘Life in Nottingham’ video, I will be filming the Christmas markets. This video will be a promotional video for the markets and I will be getting in contact with the council, hopefully with the end result of my video being on several websites.

Last year there was a lack of external projects to add to my portfolio, so I will be constantly thinking of new ideas to come up with several videos this year.


Crowdfunding elements research.

The three main elements for a crowdfunding campaign are:

  • A campaign – What you are asking for and what you’ll do.
  • A platform –  What you are going to be making.
  • An audience – The tool you will use to manage your campaign.

Most crowdfunding campaigns have 30-45 days to raise the money they are asking for to complete the project.

Crowdfunding parts

  • Story – The informative sales tool.
  • Video – The emotional sales tool.
  • Perks – Carefully constructed list of benefits for each level of investment.

Giving updates on social media is also important during the campaign progress to let the audience know what is going on.

Social media and crowdfunding

Crowdfunding evolved out of crowd sourcing which came in to existence because of the internet and social media which plays a big part when it comes to crowdfunding. Without social media connections, it can be challenging to make a campaign.

Importance of storytelling

  • Idea/need
  • The team
  • The vision
  • The challenge
  • The rewards


  • Who are the key players?
  • What are their credentials?
  • Why should they trust you?


  • Outcome of projects.
  • How do you plan to get the outcome you are looking for?
  • How can others help you?


  • What is the greatest challenge you want to overcome?
  • How will you address it?
  • How will you empower other to meet the challenge, such as volunteers etc.


  • What good will come for the audience?
  • What will they get in return for donating?

Facebook and Twitter

  • Brand the page
  • Share it
  • Make sure to have share worthy content
  • Develop editorial calendar

Share worthy content

  • Visual
  • Relevant
  • Easy to understand
  • Strikes a chord

Editorial calendar

  • Key dates
  • Calls to action
  • Target audience
  • Regular updates schedule
  • Increase frequency and urgency as deadline approaches
  • Building opportunities to announce milestones


  • Build your contacts
  • Message the contacts
  • Update newsfeed
  • Editorial calendar

Engaging your community

  • Combination of tools to get and keep the attention of investors.
  • Make them stakeholders and get them to invest more than their money.

Storytelling structure

  • Key incidents from beginning to end.
  • What excites them/motivates them to make it?
  • Positive and negative incidents – who is in the way and what will they do to overcome it?
  • Concluding incident – Whats going to happen and what are the key things to film to tell the story?

Research taken from lecture notes.

King Richard III field trip.

This week we went on a field trip as part of research for our negotiated project module in January. This will consist of group work with the first years of Media Creatives in creating a marketing plan to promote the King Richard III museums. The first location we visited was in Bosworth, where the battle of Bosworth took place. we walked around the fields to gather information on what happened back then, taking notes as we went along.

The second and final place we went to is the King Richard visitors centre in Leicester. This personal experience for me was very engaging due to the fact history is something I am interested in. The burial site of the king was on display at the centre and showed exactly where he was buried and how his corpse was found. After the tour, we went to the cathedral where his body was. The tomb was surrounded by candles for people to pray before they went and saw where he is kept.

Here are some of photos that I took to back up my research in January:

Penny press – King Richard III
Brief history of Henry VIII
King Richard bone structure
Knight armour

King Richard III visitors centre website for more