King Richard III field trip.

This week we went on a field trip as part of research for our negotiated project module in January. This will consist of group work with the first years of Media Creatives in creating a marketing plan to promote the King Richard III museums. The first location we visited was in Bosworth, where the battle of Bosworth took place. we walked around the fields to gather information on what happened back then, taking notes as we went along.

The second and final place we went to is the King Richard visitors centre in Leicester. This personal experience for me was very engaging due to the fact history is something I am interested in. The burial site of the king was on display at the centre and showed exactly where he was buried and how his corpse was found. After the tour, we went to the cathedral where his body was. The tomb was surrounded by candles for people to pray before they went and saw where he is kept.

Here are some of photos that I took to back up my research in January:

Penny press – King Richard III
Brief history of Henry VIII
King Richard bone structure
Knight armour

King Richard III visitors centre website for more


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