Crowdfunding elements research.

The three main elements for a crowdfunding campaign are:

  • A campaign – What you are asking for and what you’ll do.
  • A platform –  What you are going to be making.
  • An audience – The tool you will use to manage your campaign.

Most crowdfunding campaigns have 30-45 days to raise the money they are asking for to complete the project.

Crowdfunding parts

  • Story – The informative sales tool.
  • Video – The emotional sales tool.
  • Perks – Carefully constructed list of benefits for each level of investment.

Giving updates on social media is also important during the campaign progress to let the audience know what is going on.

Social media and crowdfunding

Crowdfunding evolved out of crowd sourcing which came in to existence because of the internet and social media which plays a big part when it comes to crowdfunding. Without social media connections, it can be challenging to make a campaign.

Importance of storytelling

  • Idea/need
  • The team
  • The vision
  • The challenge
  • The rewards


  • Who are the key players?
  • What are their credentials?
  • Why should they trust you?


  • Outcome of projects.
  • How do you plan to get the outcome you are looking for?
  • How can others help you?


  • What is the greatest challenge you want to overcome?
  • How will you address it?
  • How will you empower other to meet the challenge, such as volunteers etc.


  • What good will come for the audience?
  • What will they get in return for donating?

Facebook and Twitter

  • Brand the page
  • Share it
  • Make sure to have share worthy content
  • Develop editorial calendar

Share worthy content

  • Visual
  • Relevant
  • Easy to understand
  • Strikes a chord

Editorial calendar

  • Key dates
  • Calls to action
  • Target audience
  • Regular updates schedule
  • Increase frequency and urgency as deadline approaches
  • Building opportunities to announce milestones


  • Build your contacts
  • Message the contacts
  • Update newsfeed
  • Editorial calendar

Engaging your community

  • Combination of tools to get and keep the attention of investors.
  • Make them stakeholders and get them to invest more than their money.

Storytelling structure

  • Key incidents from beginning to end.
  • What excites them/motivates them to make it?
  • Positive and negative incidents – who is in the way and what will they do to overcome it?
  • Concluding incident – Whats going to happen and what are the key things to film to tell the story?

Research taken from lecture notes.


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