Reflective Practice -Film Making and Post Production.

As I’m progressively moving forward with my ambition, film making and post production, I will be creating several shorts throughout the next two years in my spare time to add to my on-going portfolio.

What’s changed since I came to university?

Using hand held camcorders and editing software that is rarely used in the media industry, I conducted amateur videos throughout school and college. I now have a strong understanding of professionalism within the media industry. I now use advanced camcorders that are used in the industry and editing software such as Premier Pro and Avid Media Composer.

What’s the plan in the next couple of weeks?

I will be conducting two videos called ‘Life in Nottingham’ and ‘Birmingham Christmas markets.’ Today I will start shooting in Nottingham, filming what goes on and the general public around market square. The second video will be shot on the 27th November in Birmingham, with the same style of the ‘Life in Nottingham’ video, I will be filming the Christmas markets. This video will be a promotional video for the markets and I will be getting in contact with the council, hopefully with the end result of my video being on several websites.

Last year there was a lack of external projects to add to my portfolio, so I will be constantly thinking of new ideas to come up with several videos this year.



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