New College: Podcast Script Plan.

Student life script plan

Introduction to the podcast

Hit the ground running with engaging audio and an introduction to what the podcast is about.

  1. Let off only small parts of the story at a time.
  2. Clever use of timing to create images for the listener.


I will be conducting several interviews with students within my podcast about student life in Nottingham as a whole. The main subject will be the nightclub Ocean – one of Nottingham’s leading student nights.

Questions to answer myself in separate clips:

What is Ocean Wednesdays biggest competition?


Because Ocean has been the same for several years, including the play list, people know what to expect when they arrive there. The ending to Baywatch never seizes to catch people off guard, their shirts are already off and swinging around their heads even before the song even comes on.

Now in it’s 13th year as Nottingham’s


The Big O as we like to call it….is proud of what it does.

Unashamedly non-pretentious, our musical tastes cover just about every possible popular genre you could mention.

If it’s Pop you’re after you can expect to have your ears pleasured by the likes of….

One Direction…Carly Rae Jepsen…Katy Perry…etc

If it’s Dance you can expect to shake your ass to…

Calvin Harris….David Guetta…Avicci

If you like your Dance a little harder there’s always….

Disclosure…Rudimental…Pendulum…Chase & Status

Fancy some R&B….

We always got room for Rihanna…Beyonce…Jay Z etc

For all you Indie kids….

Bastille…Mumford…Kings of Leon….The Killers

And finally for all you Cheese heads….

The obligatory Baywatch…sing-along to Journey…

And more.

There is literally something for everyone….every night!


What were those great moments of clarity? Exciting incidents and break through moments that lead to the person making a final push to where they are now?

Every Wednesday there are two main clubs to visit for students, one being ocean and the other Cocotang. It all depends on what the student is feeling. Cocotang is a smart student night where you find lads in shirts and shoes and the girls all glammed up with lots of make up and fancy dresses. Recently, they have changed the dress code on a Wednesday in Cocotang to a more casual look, which I think will put off students and give less competition to Ocean – not that there is any anyway as it sells out every week.


How did things come together what was it like to experience success?

In June the official University of Nottingham Magazine ‘Impact’ ran a poll amongst it’s students to find out their favourite Venues, Nights Out etc.

We did fairly well.

Ocean was voted “Best Nightclub” as well as “Best Overall Night Out”…winning over 50% of the entire vote in both cases…..

I think in politics they call that a ‘LANDSLIDE VICTORY!!’ don’t you think?

Interview with students – Questions:

  1. Introduce the podcast.
  2. Who is the person I am interviewing and what do they do? I’m ‘name’ and I study at Nottingham Trent University’.
  3. Because ocean has been the same for several years, what do you think keeps it going and what is most popular about the club? Aka bar crawl, fancy dress and Baywatch.
  4. Why would you choose ocean over any other club on Wednesdays?
  5. What makes Ocean stand out?
  6. Do you think that the change of dress code on a Wednesday at Cocotang will create less competition for Ocean on Wednesdays and why?
  7. What would you change about Ocean?



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