New College: Podcast Reflective Thinking.


During pre-production I conducted  research related to the club Ocean, situated in Nottingham. The research that I carried out included history and facts and figures about the club, also what their target audience is. I created a script to follow during the recording of the podcast, it wasn’t to read from word for word, but bullet points for me to cover during the podcast.As I am aware of my pre-productuction process (from previous assignments during and outside university hours), it was quick for me to research the right topics for my interviews and overall podcast.


The interviews went particually well, covering all the topics that I had researched during pre-production. I feel the interviews flowed well, making the interviewees feel comfortable throughout to get the best interview out of them. The questions I had planned to ask were all said, including more questions during the conversation styled interviews. For example, one of the interviewees is a close friend of mine and it was easy to make a friendly, comfortable conversation. One thing I would change is the second interview that I conducted. I would interview Abbie again as the conversation wasn’t as great as the first. It didn’t change the podcast too much as she was a back-up interview so it still sounds professional. I will be arranging another date and time with her to interview again within the next week.

Post Production:

Watching Adobe Autition tutorials on Youtube helped a lot during the Post-Production process.  I watched educational videos on how sound correct audio clips for radio podcasts, also how to make a hard-hitting introduction. Once I had edited all of my radio show together, I asked several peers to listen and give me adivce. This was taken on board and a couple of changes were made, such as adding more backing tracks to make it more relatable when talking about the genres that are played in the Ocean nightclub. As I am a fond and experienced editor, Adobe Audition wasn’t a hard software to use for me. From previous experience, I am aware that sound is very important within video and radio so adjusting the levels made a positive impact. I had some issues with mixcloud to upload my podcast on as they only allow cfiles that are over 12MB, so instead I uploaded it to Soundcloud which worked well.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.30.16.png

Adobe Audition editing process


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