Placement: City of Literature

As part of my placement, I am conducting several interviews for the City of Literature in Nottingham. This involves interviewing several writers around Nottingham and creating a video with all of the writers in. I will also be editing the video together. Over the past week I have been helping Chantelle, Emily and Catherine to interview and film cut aways for their project, but I will be conducting my own edit in case they want to use it. I also feel this would be a great way to practise my editing skills and use the video for my showreel for the end of the year.

I will also be working for the Nottingham Trent University education department where I will be creating a video for the fashion course, where the target audience will be future students at NTU. As I worked in a similar way last year for placement, I am much more confident this year in terms of quality of my interviewing, camera operating, editing and time management skills. I am aware of what equipment we will be using, trying to use the closest equipment that is used in the media industry.

I am also trying my hardest to get a placement at a local production company called spool, who are most famous for making ‘I believe in miracles’. Phil will be helping me put in a good word, in which could make me have a better chance getting the job, or an internship for the summer to enhance my CV.



Researching government reports to conduct a strong introduction to the placement essay.

To create a strong introduction to my placement essay, I will be comparing the United Kingdoms media industry with the United States, which will include statistics and figures to give a brief overview of how media impacts each regions in different ways. As the media industry is so broad, I will have to shorten the introduction to make it as relevant as possible to my placement, basing it around film production.

Referenced below are the government files I have read to make sure my research is accurate for my placement report.


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The Media & Entertainment Industry in the United States. 2016. The Media & Entertainment Industry in the United States. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 23 February 2016].

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The presentation – King Richard III

This year our presentation was held at Broadway Cinema, where three judges and many other guests gathered to watch both our teams presentations, including some of our previous guest lecturers and tutors watched closely. For the amount of time we had to create a whole new marketing plan and video for the presentation, we did amazingly well. The presentation ran smoothly with very minor hiccups. Our three speakers were very confident throughout, explaining every detail that we had rehearsed previous to the day. All our hard work within the three weeks payed off and we ended up winning against team Richard. One thing I would have done differently would have been to have more hand outs to pass around before the presentation so they can be handed around the cinema for people to have a closer look at our leaflets, fliers and posters in person. Below are some of the pictures taken from the cinema.