Placement: City of Literature

As part of my placement, I am conducting several interviews for the City of Literature in Nottingham. This involves interviewing several writers around Nottingham and creating a video with all of the writers in. I will also be editing the video together. Over the past week I have been helping Chantelle, Emily and Catherine to interview and film cut aways for their project, but I will be conducting my own edit in case they want to use it. I also feel this would be a great way to practise my editing skills and use the video for my showreel for the end of the year.

I will also be working for the Nottingham Trent University education department where I will be creating a video for the fashion course, where the target audience will be future students at NTU. As I worked in a similar way last year for placement, I am much more confident this year in terms of quality of my interviewing, camera operating, editing and time management skills. I am aware of what equipment we will be using, trying to use the closest equipment that is used in the media industry.

I am also trying my hardest to get a placement at a local production company called spool, who are most famous for making ‘I believe in miracles’. Phil will be helping me put in a good word, in which could make me have a better chance getting the job, or an internship for the summer to enhance my CV.



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