Venice/Rome 2016


VPoint TV – Day two

Day two at Hillary’s consisted of a two different locations compared to day one, a warehouse and a call centre. Similar to the first day, the shooting was similar, working with the same crew, but a different cast.  We shot in the warehouse for most of the day, getting shots to promote how Hillary’s make their blinds and how they keep their customers happy.

Later on in the day, we walked over to the call centre where the producer wanted to shoot the workers talking to customers positively. It was a busy environment but filming went well, shooting shots consistently. Extras were already picked throughout both days to allow our day to run smoothly and save time in order to get many shots in the time we had to film.

Working with a factory worker to get a smooth shot of the ironing process
Shooting within the call centre

My experience with VPoint has given me a broad insight of the media industry and how production company’s work with their clients. I have been asked by Sally (VPoint TV Producer) to carry on working for them, which will be a fantastic opportunity to gain experience even before graduating in 2017.

Vpoint TV – Day one

One thing that surprised me about shooting with a professional company is how much time and effort goes in to one single shot. As camera assistant, I was expected to identify what shots needed each different types of equipment. An example of this is tracking, lighting and different lenses for the camera. Working closely with the Producer, Director and Cameraman, I was helped with what shots I needed to set up ready for shooting, using their professional knowledge. As the day progressed, I adapted to my job role which helped me work quicker with the cast and crew which I feel is a valuable experience.

Working at the Hillary’s warehouse with VPoint was a comfortable experience on day one, as all the cast and crew were friendly and welcoming, making my placement more enjoyable and educational.

Dale (cameraman) using a cherry picker to shoot a wide shot
Working closely with the Cameraman (left) and Director (right) to shoot the Hillary’s dispatching system

VPoint TV placement – Hillary’s Promo video


I was asked by VPoint TV, a local video production company in Nottingham, to help out shoot a promo video for one of their big clients; Hillary’s blinds. The shoot consisted of two days, Wednesday and Thursday in which they were two 8 hour days. The shoots went accordingly well as I gained a significant amount of media experience within my time with them. My role was camera assistant, helping out the camera man set up shots and light the scenes accordingly. The camera which I was learning to use was the Sony F5, a 4K industry standard camera which I will most likely be using in my future career.

Call sheet – Day one
Call sheet – Day two

City of Literature – Nicola Monaghan

At the start of the year, I interviewed Nicola for a project assigned by the university. This time round we interviewed her again as part as placement; the City of Literature project. The interview was filmed in the studio in Waverley, which was set up fantastically by me and the students, with the help from our tutor. My role was camera operating in which we used a C100, which was a joy to use.

I feel that the shoot went particularly well, with minor hiccups. The shots I had to change to during shooting were all planned out before hand to work towards professional standards. I will be conducting an edit of all of the interviews for my portfolio, as my role was to help out two other students on my course.

Nicola Monaghan interview

City of Literature – Shoot 2 – William Ivory

For Billy Ivory’s interview, we headed to Notts County’s football stadium. During his interview he mentions that he loves going to see them play in his spare time, so me and Josh got several cut away shots of the ground and Billy sitting in the stands.

My job role within this shoot was camera operator. Using the Canon 7D, several shots were taken to relate to the interview that was shot by Catherine, Emily and Chantelle. Me and Josh decided we could help out there project by getting extra footage, I will also be cutting together my own edit of the City of Literature video. IMG_3994

Placement Shoot 1 – City of Literature – Nigel McCrerey

As part of the UNESCO City of Literature video that other students on my course are doing as part of their placement, I was assigned to shoot cutaways for the interviews. One of the shoots included filming Nigel McCrerey, a local Nottingham writer who is well known for writing ‘Silent Witness’.

In the interview, McCrerey mentions where he grew up in Nottingham, so we travelled to the house he lived at when he was younger. Creative cutaway shots also included him walking past the house threw the reflection of the window, as it was a perfect sunny day for filming.

The reliable Canon 7D was used for shooting as I have previous experience from last years placement with it. It was ideal for walking around filming as it is small, handy and has great HD recording quality.