VPoint TV – Day two

Day two at Hillary’s consisted of a two different locations compared to day one, a warehouse and a call centre. Similar to the first day, the shooting was similar, working with the same crew, but a different cast.  We shot in the warehouse for most of the day, getting shots to promote how Hillary’s make their blinds and how they keep their customers happy.

Later on in the day, we walked over to the call centre where the producer wanted to shoot the workers talking to customers positively. It was a busy environment but filming went well, shooting shots consistently. Extras were already picked throughout both days to allow our day to run smoothly and save time in order to get many shots in the time we had to film.

Working with a factory worker to get a smooth shot of the ironing process
Shooting within the call centre

My experience with VPoint has given me a broad insight of the media industry and how production company’s work with their clients. I have been asked by Sally (VPoint TV Producer) to carry on working for them, which will be a fantastic opportunity to gain experience even before graduating in 2017.


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