Work/Play Concept video

I was asked by a friend (Ian Kilgour) to create a video for his Graphic Design module in which he came up with a concept product. Working closely with him, we storyboarded the project and started filming within a week. I wanted the video to look as professional as possible so booking out top quality equipment was a must. The shoot lasted one day and the editing over two days. The initial look I went for was a promotional/advert to get the concept across to the audience, which will be presented to a company by Ian himself in London on Friday 27th May.

Production images


Final Outcome

Work/Play Concept video


Fashion Degree show video

As a side project, I have been meeting with two clients from the Fashion Management course. We were asked to create a video to promote their course to future students, and it will be shown at their degree show next week. Alongside Josh Hollyoak in which his role was filming earlier this term, my role was to edit the footage which took a lot of time and patience. I kept in contact with my clients via email, arranging meetings to discuss what can be changed from the video and how they wanted it to look. I am pleased with the final outcome and hope to work with the university over my last year to gain knowledge and work experience.

Research Poster Animation

After creating my poster, it was time to create my animation. Using stock images from on-line, I created an animation in Adobe After Affects, of a creative slideshow with the main points of the voice-over being shown in text to make a clear statement towards the audience.

NCC Occupational Therapy Job Roles

As Part of Negotiated Project 2, we have specific job roles within the council project and are as follows:
Julius  Ayodeji – Director
Phil Nodding – Script Writor/ Producer
Adam Holmes – Camera Assistant/ Lighting/ Set ups
Josh Hollyoak – Camera Assistant/ Lighting/ Set ups
Ben Williams – Camera/ Set ups
Nathan Farrow – Photograper
Marco Minzoni  – Graphics
Zac Pilkin  – Graphics
Edward Bennett – Website
Sound engineer: Roger
Nottinghamshire County Council Contact: Mora
I have also been assigned to create draft edits of the Alan Bennett talking heads video and two of the the top tips.

Research poster – Adobe illustrator research

As I will be using adobe illustrator to compose my research poster that I have already written as a report, it is now time to create the poster in a creative way. I am new to Illustrator and as I love learning new things, I have conducted a little background research in order to make the poster with the best of my ability.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 14.29.05.png
Adobe Illustrator tutorial – Youtube

Video link: