Research methods and processes for year 3

How businesses use digital media to grow their business: a previous project

Research processes:

Searching for AV sources via TEDtalks to gain a better understanding of business.

Google Scholar to find images and reports.

Research sources

Positive side to the argument:

Google Scholar:

Google scholar is a great resource search page for finding important documents within researching, such as reports. I have found one that is for my argument named ‘The History of Social Media and its Impact on Business’.

Research link:

Google Scholar:

A lot of businesses are starting to use a new way of interacting with users, by using interactive adverts.

Research link:

AV Document: Business related videos: Ted Talks

Research link:

Counteract argument: Theory of Planned Behavior and Ethics Theory in Digital Piracy: An Integrated Model.

Research link:

Different sources:

Google Scholar -> Book: Civic life online: Learning how digital media can engage youth

–W. Lance Bennett

Google Scholar-> Journal: New digital media and devices: An analysis for the media industry

– Joachim Rawolle & Thomas Hess

Lynda: Embracing Digital Media – Ze Frank

Lynda : Social media marketing for small business – Martin Waxman


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