Research Methods – What Methods Will I Use For Future Work?

Hypothosis is extremely important during research stages of projects. Why is this?

  • It provides focus study
  • Helps define specific aspects of research
  • Tells you what data to collect and what not to collect
  • Helps you conclude what is true and false

I will also be finding solutions to problems during the research stage so I don’t bump in to any problems further along the line, for example, relating all the learning examples to my work. Learning outcome 11 is to discuss user testing and why I use specific methods for the research. Using the outcomes as a guideline will enable me to determine problems with my work.

By testing my products twice (A draft then final product after feedback) it will help me establish my target audiences in more detail.

Research Sub Categories 

  • Animal testing
  • Clinical trials
  • Data Collection (most likely be used in my studies)
  • Social Science methods
  • Trend analysis (most likely to be used in my studies)

Research Phases

Phase one – Practice based research

Phase two – Additional data checking

User experience design

Cognition – How will I design something that the user knows what to do by making assumptions? e.g. red = Danger. Green = Go.

Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Ability to interact with potential customers on a variety of platforms
  • A channel may be a print advert, retail location, website or promotional event etc.

MCM as digital Storytelling

  • Introduction
  • Exposition
  • Rising action
  • Climax
  • Resolution


Scamper in a nutshell:

Substitute people, components, materials

Combine with other functions

Adapt functions or visual appearance

Modify the size, shape, texture etc

Put to other use

Eliminate, reduce, simplify

Reverse use conversely, invert, reverse


  • Qualitative research method that includes many methods and techniques
  • Commonly used across social sciences



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