Virtual Reality Existing Adverts Analysis

Samsung VR Headset 


  • Good use of different ethnicities to create a broader audience
  • Shows how to use the headset
  • High bugget production


  • You can only use Samsung smartphones with the product
  • It is expensive

Playstation VR Headset


  • Great use of in game clips
  • Uses different types of people to relate to a large audience
  • High budget production


  • Makes it look an intense experience
  • Expensive equipment


Sky VR Website


  • Sky VR website shows all the current companies making virtual reality  headsets. the website is extremely convenient for getting informatoin about what’s on the market, by simply clicking on the logos.
  • The design in eye catching and pleasant.

Xbox Oculus Rift and Samsung VR



  • Both adverts are very similar
  • Simplistic and minimalistic
  • Both studio type photos
  • Very little text
  • They show the product clearly

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