Employability Questions




Example of working multicultural and/or abroad  

When I worked in Australia in a frozen yoghurt shop, working with other travellers including Italian, Australian and Brazilian colleagues.

Good with money

I have several years’ experience budgeting with student finance and working in hospitality based environments I was trusted with cash, debit and credit card payments.

Showing leadership skills

Got offered supervisor roles within part time jobs in the past, but had to turn down due to university.

Technically competent

My university studies enabled me to use many different technical equipment, including word, excel and presentation. More practical equipment includes cameras, camcorders and post-production software.

Demonstration of team playing

Helping to run restaurants working as a team to get food and drink to the customers quick to make them happy. Also university projects allowed me to work as a team having several roles such as; camera operation, editing and marketing.

When have I been likable

Coming in to work and feel welcomed by smiles and being told they were glad I am working.

Excellent communications

Using social tools to communicate with colleagues and students in order to keep in contact, especially during group work tasks. Keeping in contact with other colleagues within workplace in different departments to make sure the health club ran properly.

Room for improvement

More experience in a marketing based environment whether it’s in work experience or placement.

Shows creative craft

Able to deliver work before or on the deadline, such as working for the council for the occupational therapy project.

Been calm

When customers in my part time work have complained to me about a specific thing within the restaurant, I kept calm and try to resolve the situation, if that didn’t work I called the manager.

Solving a problem

When working in a team someone didn’t turn up for most of the tasks, so we had to split her role and do extra work in order for everything to run smoothly.

How I cope with stress

To keep calm and remember its only temporary, so carrying on with the job with a clearer mind set helps to get through the stress.

Been incredibly innovative

When given a very vague brief for university, I came up with an idea to rebrand a product and market it to get closer to my professional goals, which went beyond what the brief asked.

Been personable

There was a situation at work where someone had to go early because of a family situation, I was asked if it would be okay as we were short on staff, I let the colleague leave as I had already worked hard in order to get closed down on time.



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