Project Two – Help Yourself Campaign – An Overview of the Brief and First Thoughts



Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC) are currently creating an Occupational Therapy Help Yourself campaign. Working in groups, we are to devise a campaign designed to support material already created for Occupational Therapy Help Yourself Campaign.
We are expected to design, develop and deliver the campaign concept and then execute this campaign by creating appropriate public-facing material suitable for it.

I was involved in the campaign last academic year, where we created video material, fliers and leaflets whereby the elderly were encouraged to be helped with their mobility by using the councils products, i.e. Perching stool.

As a group of five, we had a focus group to discuss first initial thoughts on what we could create for our marketing campaign. We firstly thought about where the elderly go, then took it from there:

  • Electronic Posters (Animated)
  • Stamps
  • Bus Adverts
  • Leaflets
  • Churches
  • Lunch Club
  • Nottingham elders forum
  • Home Library service
  • Radio Advert
  • Bingo
  • Sign language
  • 29.8% of people in Nottingham are of other ethnicity other than White British

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