Resources for Clinical and Waiting Areas

Moira (our client from the Nottinghamshire County Council Occupational Therapy Department) suggested creating the marketing content around the basis of them being used in clinical and waiting areas i.e. GP waiting rooms. I am going to conduct some research on existing healthcare flyers targeted at elderly people to gain understanding of how they should look.

Helping Hand Flyer

I think this flyer has nice bold text, easy for the reader to process and it is straight to the point. The content is positive (all about helping the client). There is some inconsistent text towards the bottom of the flyer which could have been easily avoided. I also think the logo isn’t very memorable.

Nhs poster.jpg
Healthy Working Lives – NHS Flyer

On this particular flyer, I think the colour scheme works very well. The text is bold which is easy to read by elderly people and the illustrations are minimalistic (less information for the elderly to process).

Cope Leaflet Oct 2015jpeg_Page_2.jpg
COPE – Therapy Flyer

This ‘COPE’ flyer has a lot of information and numbers to call on, which I don’t think works well. Although, I feel this is targeted at adult/older adults, not just for the elderly. The content on the first page is straight to the point, giving you details on how to make ‘the first step’.

Occupational Therapy at Home – Flyer

This Occupational Therapy flyer has some nice content on, I especially like the quotes used from their target audience. I feel this can relate to the audience a lot better and shows more trust within the campaign and what they are trying to get across. The text is easy to read, but maybe not for older people.


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