Health Organisation Related Websites and Choices for my Occupational Therapy Website


In order to to gain a greater understanding of designs and layouts of health organisation websites, I have collected a series of screen shots to get professional inspiration for my mock NCC Occupational Therapy website.


‘Health’ is a website clearly aimed at women, being all about weight loss, beauty and fitness. All of the images featured in the home page are only women, giving away a huge clue in who the target audience is. The layout is easy to navigate round and the sections are  clearly stated. In terms of occupational therapy that is aimed at the elderly, this style isn’t really something I would go for.

The Health Foundation

The Health Foundation website is more diverse and asks you to be more specific in which area you want to find out about. There are various different sections, but are easily attainable and have images for people who maybe can’t read as well as others for whatever reason. The colour scheme is grey, red and black which has come from their logo, which in my opinion works well.


NHS Occupational Therapy 

The NHS have their own Occupational Therapy section within their website and they have kept it simple. They have used green headings to stand out to the reader, initially meaning safety which relates to occupational therapy. The Nottinghamshire County Council’s logo is also green, which will be great for relating safety and the brand itself to my website I will be creating. The NHS website also has an overview of what Occupational Therapy is, and also what types of therapy they offer.


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