NCC Occupational Therapy Prototype Website

This prototype of the website I am creating consists of a green, grey and white colour theme, to represent good health and it’s the Nottinghamshire county council colour branding so it’s consistence and the audience recognise that it’s part of the council.

gif 1 gif .gif

Constantly reminding the elderly is sometimes the best way to get their attention and allow them to remember (see previous research blog posts). The call us today button directs you to the contact page, where it allows the user to call or contact via email. The contact details are placed many times on different pages so the audience don’t forget.

gif 2.gif


gif 3.gif
Contact Page

The ‘About’ page has information about the councils ‘Help Yourself’ campaign and will soon have information about occupational therapy in case the audience don’t quite understand what it is.

gif 4.gif
About page

he ‘Services’ page allows the user to book a 1 on 1 consultation with occupational therapists from the NHS to discuss their needs and to see what they are eligible for, for example, hand rails, chair raisers etc and to see if they are able to get the services for free.

gif 5.gif

Smartphone Version

Research I have conducted in my previous posts show that the elderly are actually quite tech savvy, so in order to connect them in various different ways, I have created a smart phone version so the website broadens the audience as some users may not be able to use a computer, but may have a smart phone.







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