Occupational Therapy Shoot 23.11.16 – 24.11.16

The occupational therapy shoot this year was shooting different objects that help the elderly, the shoot carried on from last year but this time included shower seats, chair raisers, tap leavers and several more. Some scenes were re-shot with different actors in order to get a better outcome. I find the shoot went particularly well, giving me more professional experience within the industry and working with clients, which could come at great advantage when finding employment. My job role within the shoot was camera assistant which included helping with sound, lights and general scene set ups.

As Project Manager, I felt I had to be on set to make sure my inputs were heard and in fact they were. Knowing what went on during the shoot has enabled me to have a greater understanding of what the top tips edits should look like and indeed I will be editing them together and hopefully they will be used by the client for the Nottinghamshire County Council ‘Help Yourself’ campaign.

The images below are the best photos to show my input within the Occupational Therapy Shoot.

23rd Notts Council photos-029.JPG
Working closely with the crew to organise different shots
23rd Notts Council photos-132.JPG
Working closely with the director and assisting the sound operator 
23rd Notts Council photos-150.JPG
Setting up lights to fit the scene appropriately 
23rd Notts Council photos-165.JPG
Assisting the cameraman and giving my opinion on which lenses to use
23rd Notts Council photos-186.JPG
Helping getting the right shot before the actress arrives
23rd Notts Council photos-233.JPG
Ensuring everything is running smoothly during filming

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