Nottinghamshire County Council Brand Guidelines

From going through all of the Nottinghamshire County Councils brand guidelines, I have picked out the most relevant to me and my job role within the project, website building, camera assistant and editing.

Typefaces – Nottinghamshire County Council brand guidlines 

To keep the brand consistent I have chosen to use the font Arial in the content I am making. Serifa  secondary typeface that is used by Nottinghamshire County Council so there are many options to choose from due to the different variations, such as light, regular and bold.

Colour – Nottinghamshire County Council brand guidelines 

The colour colour palletes they ask to use are one primary colour (in which the hexadecimal number is #2D892C) and three secondary colours in which two of them are variations of the primary colour, these secondary colours are formed from different shades of the primary colour that you get when the opacities are 80% (#73BC66) and 30% (C8E1BF). The other secondary colour is NCC Dark Green (#154734). Theses colours will be used in the content I am producing for the Nottinghamshire Help Yourself campaign.

There is not much information stated about the website branding but offer a contact number if there are any questions. I have stuck to a similar theme to the councils website but made it more accessible for the older generation.

Websites – Nottinghamshire County Council brand guidelines

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