Client Feedback – Nottinghamshire County Council

I recently met with our client (Moira) for the Occupational Therapy marketing campaign project to get some feedback on the ‘top tips’ I have edited together. The testing was essential for me to ensure I have or have not created what the client wants. All improvements will be made before my deadline on Friday 9th December.

Overall top tip feedback

Do they hold enough information?

There is enough information, some may be too informative. Some are simple and some are deliberately longer because they don’t want people to ring up asking the questions. People need more information I order to solve the problem. I had someone ring asking about the shower board with water spilling, so the video works well as it tells the audience exactly what to do instead of them needing to ring.

Are the top tips visually pleasing?

Personally, I love it and get excited. I have had old people fall in love with the actors! When you showered me the bath but I think it looked quite nice and came across lovely. It was a lovely white colour. Personally I find the, realistic and I think the public will think the same.

Are they professional enough to be used by the council? 

Yes, I liked the videos. From what I have seen some of them are my favourite out of everyone else’s edits. Alan Bennett is my favourite edit and there is a large possibility for it being used by the council.

Do they follow the brand guidelines?

The Arial font is good as it sticks to our brand guidelines.

What improvements can be made?

Should be link directly to buy stuff on Nottinghamshire Help Yourself website and it takes you through to the bath board links etc, could put them on the indent at the end.

You should add subtitles so it can appeal to the people who have hearing difficulties.

You should try out putting music on the top tips

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We want the videos to be used by the end of January but the project is on-going.



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