C-tex Project Workflow

As project manager there is several benefits of creating a project workflow for the C-tex project development:

1. Instant Communication

This can be used instead of meetings, showing step by step tasks for each team.

2. Coordination

For my Project Management role a work flow chart enables me to outline specific events to prevent overburdening team members. This eliminates unnecessary steps to save time and recourses.

3. Effective Analysis

Using colour to outline the status, start date and deadline date helps the students identify what part of the project we are currently developing and when they need to be done by. Outlining who is responsible for these deadlines also allows the teams to focus on each deadline one step at a time.

4. Problem Solving

Flowcharts break a problem up into easily definable parts. The defined process displayed by the flowchart demonstrates the method of solving a complex problem. A flowchart reduces the chance that a necessary step for solving a problem will be left out because it appears obvious. In this way, it reduces wastage of time.

5. Proper Documentation

Digital flowcharts allow you to easily change anything efficiently and quickly unlike flowcharts that are documented on paper.

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 13.10.51.png
Project Workflow


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