Project 3 – Project Manager – C-Tex

As a year group we have been assigned different roles within this university project, which is creating a sales video for C-Tex, a textile company that makes software based equipment for online colour monitoring. We have come up with four concepts that will underpin three videos, the other two being created at a later date for Project 5.

Family Concept: Works well with the company as they;re small/intimate. We got the feeling C-tex doesn’t want to be corporate. Each owner has their own bubbly personalities. Young company and up and coming. Fun atmosphere. They’re happy being where where they are in the industry.

Talking Heads: Videos based around interviews explaining the equipment with cutaways of examples of what they are saying. But can this be easily understood by international audiences? Rob Ricketts mentioned each individual may be hard to understand so this is where subtitles could come in. Lots have people have used this method, has this worked in the past? Why has it? Why hasn’t it?

-Dinosaur Concept: The textile industry is very out of date, you can walk in to offices nowadays and rarely see a computer being used, a lot of companies still run by the books. C-tex are very up to date with technology so this concept could show how out of date the industry is compared to C-Tex and how they are changing the industry. Would this message translate to the international audience? Would they understand it?


-Friendly business Concept – Similar to the Family concept but less personal. This concept outlines c-tex and represents them well, a small friendly based business whose owners are all close friends. They are professional and casual and this concept can be used throughout all three videos and any ideas from the other concepts can also be used within this one concept.

As Project Manager, I have assigned the group to conduct research for each concept to be completed tonight in order to move forward with prototyping tomorrow, in which all will be presented to the client on Monday.


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