C-Tex client presentation feedback

See the C-Tex Concept Pitch Presentation here:


As part of this client project, me and my team-mate Joshua went and pitched our four concepts and prototypes to the client to gain feedback before we start storyboarding and creating the sales video.

Here are some points that were made after the presentation:

  • The no text idea works well but we will need some text to explain key points so the target audience understand how the machine works and what it does.
  • The audience will find it easier to read the text rather than a voice over.
  • We need to contact each other via email to discuss storyboarding and text that will be inserted on the video to start translating in English, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese, Italian and Spanish.
  • Need to show little colour difference between fabrics but show that the machine it can determine and spot the difference.
  • We don’t want to see any cables within the video on the machines so editing them out may be required.

Overall C-Tex enjoyed the prototypes of our final concept (friendly business concept) and agreed to our justification. They also enjoyed the ‘family’ concept but understood that it may not be able to be created within our deadlines. I will be keeping in touch via email to discuss the storyboarding further so we can progress to create the video.


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