Challenges being Project Manager for Project 3

Challenge: People not turning up to meetings.

How I overcame the challenge: When some students haven’t been able to attend the meetings, I have written down everything being said within the meetings. This is not only just to record what we have got out of the meetings, but it enabled me to tell the students what needed to be done – through our private messenger and page where we share the work that has been produced.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 15.51.15.png
Keeping the team up to date

Challenge: The client not replying to an email.

How I have overcame the challenge: This challenge I faced was important to overcome as it could have slowed down the process of the project which was getting permission to film. I overcame this challenge by a follow up call to the client to discuss the plans to shoot the video. After the conversation I later sent another email with all the information he needed.

Challenge: Being more exposed

How I have overcame the challenge: There are a lot of roles within my project management role and the final say has to go through me. This leaves me more exposed than others even though I have never had this job role before. I have made sure I have researched how to lead a creative team and I feel this has helped me greatly and the job role has given me a lot of experience. I have also realised it is OK not to know everything and that I am also learning too.

Challenge: I have no one to delegate to

How I have overcome the challenge: Although at times I have been overwhelmed I have been realistic throughout the project. I have tried to prioritise work and evenly distribute it within the different job roles within the project for example, giving even amounts of work to the photography, 3D, motion graphics and video team.



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