Project Managing – Assessing where I am

“You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction” (Jim Rohn).

How close are we to the project?

We are working to our deadlines effectively, almost all of the pre-production is complete and we are also filming tomorrow.

Is it turning out how we wanted it to? 

More than planned – we have worked on our work and concepts effectively and definitely made the right decisions due to the client also agreeing.

Are we being pushed creatively?

For me it’s more self motivation as I like the clients and want to produce quality work for them. I have been pushing the team as project manager to keep on creating creative work.

Are we up against in terms of time? 

Yes, we are always thriving to create work.

What duration is left?

Just under half of our time is left.

What percentage of the project is complete?

Around 60% and will jump to 70% after tomorrow, we are moving quickly and effectively.

How is this going to help me get a job?

Leadership skills are extrmeenly important in getting any type of job and shows you can work as a team. I will be putting this experience on my CV and will incorporate these transferable skills within my last two projects at university.

What things did I need to do improve from Project 2? 


  • Learning how to manage a creative team
  • Time management
  • Learn more about the client on a professional and friendly basis


  • Learning how to manage a creative team
  • Experimentation
  • Create several prototypes and concepts

What have I learnt from Kirby Ferguson’s ‘Nothing is original talk’?


  • It’s okay to steal other peoples ideas and re-make them in your own way – VPoint Hilary’s blinds.
  • Our video ideas may not be completely original because someone has probably already done it before, but that’s okay.
  • The most talented ‘inventors’ weren’t actually inventors.



One thought on “Project Managing – Assessing where I am

  1. cool. gets some stills up following the shoot. where’s the evidence of you looking at Lynda for Project management courses?


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