C-Tex shoot reflection

A complication of the shoot was that when we arrived, there was no functional rolling machine to film with c-tex’s equipment attached to it as it had been sold the day before. This wasn’t our fault as it was made clear to the clients that this was the main area we would be filming. We have arranged to film the missing shots of the equipment on Wednesday which will then complete our video.

As project manager I felt it was important to attend the shoot to give my opinion but also as I have a lot of experience on film shoots. I also have experience on a film shoot for Hillary’s blinds when I did work experience for VPoint TV, which was also a textiles based corporate/promotional video. See video below:


The shoot went well and we got a great amount of usable shots, we also followed the shot-list appropriately but couldn’t do them in order as the clients wanted us to film the machine in a different area first. Luckily, it worked out for us and we got the shots we needed anyway.

I ended up doing most of the filming which wasn’t as planned. The person who was meant to be filming was busy with the client within the first half of the shoot, so I used my initiative and filmed. I was being assertive throughout to encourage the individuals to stick to their job roles but this wasn’t the case most of the time. Here are some images of me at the shoot, filming the sales video:

I feel that my experience helped the group to get the best out of the film shoot, even if it wasn’t my job to film. I believe I should get the credit for co-ordination and camera operation within the project shoot as I had to some what take over the job role.


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