C-tex social media interaction – Marketing strategy



What is Twitter engagement?

  • Favouriting your tweet
  • Retweeting your tweet
  • Responding to your tweet
  • Mentioning you in a separate tweet
  • Clicking your link (though some marketers categorise this purely under CTR and not engagement)

Strategies for c-tex to interact with your followers:

  • Get personal

Getting personal to followers will engage them more, an example of this on Twitter would be to send them personal messages, tweet them or even send them personal videos.

  • Use hashtags

Using hashtags will enable people from all over the world to see your tweet if they type in your hashtag. This can broaden your audience and get your tweets out there.

  • Keep tweets under 110 characters

“If you are using all 140 characters in your tweet, your followers will need to edit your tweets before they can add in theirs and retweet. And, that’s not cool. People are lazy. Tweets that need extensive editing work simply get fewer retweets. Ideally, you should limit your tweets to between 80–110 characters”. (Jerry Low, 2014)

  • Tweet during daytime hours and at the weekend

Between 8am and 7pm tweets with have a 30% increase with interaction. This is because most people are using Twitter at these times and at the weekend. In this case, C-Tex-s target audience are more likely to use Twitter after work and at the weekends, but time may may because of different time zones.

  • Use strong call to action

Using the most retweeted words can get more attention to your tweets. Words such as retweet, help and follow can get your audience to interact to your tweets more because there is a call to action.

Example tweets using our friendly concept:

  • c-tex are breaking through the textile industry with new colour monitoring machines that help colour monitor your fabrics! #ctex #savingtimeandmoney
  • Competition time! Retweet and favourite to win a chance of winning one of our custom built machines worth £20,000! #ctex #competition #winmoney #dontbeshy
  • #ctex are in the process of filming a promo for our amazing new machine shaping the textile industry, check out Rob looking all friendly and happy! #promo #textiles #colourmonitoring
  • #ctex woke up this morning feeling fresh and ready to tackle monday, are you?! #ctex #mondaymotivation

Existing relevant tweets

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.37.52.png
Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 10.39.06.png


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