Using Lynda to learn about Project Management

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Title: Boosting your creativity at work

Main points learnt from this training video:

The principal of reciprocity;

  • Make the first move
  • Help others – give information and your time even if they haven’t helped you

Identify constraints;

  • Budget requirements – C-Tex has no budget for us on project three therefore we had to work around this
  • Don’t overwhelm your mind with no limits
  • Set viable constraints

Solving problems;

  • Solve other peoples problems – I have worked closely with the video team to give my advice

Working in pairs, not large groups;

  • This project was working in a small group with categories split in to pairs with different job roles which worked great throughout
  • This gives more attention to each other
  • You can bounce ideas off each other
  • More efficient

Harnessing diversity;

  • This is a driver of creativity
  • Gender and cultural diversity – This applies to my year in which there is different genders and cultures


Boyd, D. (2013) Managing team creativity. Available at: (Accessed: 2 February 2017).

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