Project Four – Chosen Competition Brief


What is it?

Greenall’s Gin

“We would like you to choose quintessential British moments that have lasted through time and are still relevant today, and bring this to life in a contemporary way through a piece of creative that has Greenall’s at its heart”. – Greenall’s Gin


Why have I chosen it?

I am able to choose any of Greenall’s products to be at the centre of my designs but obviously certain products will suit certain occasions better. An example of this is the quintessential British afternoon tea, which is still vogue years after it’s conception and could be perfect pairing for a cocktail made with Greenall’s wild berry. This is just one of many things I could create relating the gin to British quintessentials.

My creative could be applied to various different channels. It may feature on a limited edition marketing collateral such as a coaster or a postcard, it could also be part of Greenall’s Facebook strategy to recruit new consumers into the company or engage with existing fans, or even create a poster campaign. They are also open to any medium from print to photography, video, graphic design, animation, illustration etc.


How will it affect my future career? 

Choosing this creative marketing campaign for Project Four will require me to learn existing and new creative skills such as photoshop, illustrator etc. The experience I gain from research and marketing Greenall’s gin will help towards my future career within marketing as the project brief relates to my chosen career path.


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