British Weather Concept

The weather in the UK is a huge talking point within and outside of the UK. All millennials (Greenall’s target audience) would have/have spoken about the weather at some point.

“As a nation we enjoy complaining about the weather, which is perhaps not surprising as we generally have a lot to complain about. We’ve just had one of the worst winters on record and if the predictions of Huddersfield meteorologist Paul Stevens are correct, future winters are likely to be bleaker and colder, giving us plenty of reasons to moan”.(Hilaire Stelfox 2013).

Relevant sources




Weather Coaster.jpg
Coaster prototype

Feedback from peers and tutors indicated that the prototype for the concept looked appealing but may not look like it is targeted for millennial’s. Further research will be conducted i.e colour theory and psychology of advertising and selling to create the best content for the competition and university brief to the best of my ability.


Stelfox, H. (2013) Talking point: Why is the weather so bad? Give us your view. Available at: (Accessed: 17 February 2017).

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Funny Gin Coaster(No Date) Available at: (Accessed: 12 February 2017).


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