Using Colour Within Marketing


How Do Colours Influence People?

Blue – Blue is the mostly preferred by men, it is also associated with things such as water, peace and reliability. Brands use this colour to promote trust in their products with a sense of security, it also stimulates productivity.

Green – Associated with health, tranquility, power and nature. Green is used in stores to relax customers and it can also be associated with environment. It stimulates harmony in the viewers brain.

Purple – Royalty, wisdom and respect are widely associated with this colour. It also stimulates problem solving and creatively, it is also associated with beauty.

Orange & Yellow – These colours are happy and are seen as optimistic. These colours can create anxiety that draws curious buyers and window shoppers.

Black – Authority, power, stability and strength are associated with black. It can be overwhelming if used too much.

Grey – Grey can lead to feelings such as not feeling worthy or depression. It can be used to symbolise old age.

White – Purity, cleanliness and safety are associated with white. White space helps spark creativity as it can be perceived as unaltered.

5 Dimensions of Brand Personality

When creating material for Greenall’s Gin, giving it personality through the brand will be important to engage with the audience.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 13.54.09.png
Figure 1 – Dimension of Brand Personality (

Colour Within Common Brands


Colour within popular brands (

Inputting What I Have Learnt into Project 4

After this research I am aware of what colours attract customers and what meanings they may have. I will use Greenall’s Gin current colours and add necessary colours that attract a younger audience within the materials I create.


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